Live DJ Performance Rider

Each contract is to be negotiated on an individual basis.

However, unless specified explicitly, the following are assumed:

I will be given details about the event far in advance

Most importantly, I need the date and time of the party, and it’s location. Without this, I won’t know where and when to show up!

I would also like as much information as possible on the party, too. This includes name, theme, demographic of attendees, and social media info. Not only does this help me promote your event (assuming it’s public), but it gives me more context about what music will best suit the atmosphere.

I will accept last minute bookings, but only as availability allows. Priority is always given to the booking made far in advance.

I will be provided specifics about my role in the event

I need to know when during the evening I’m expected to perform, and the length of my set. I also need to know if I’m needed or not for sound-check, and what sound equipment is being provided for the party.

For smaller, more community-driven events, I am usually happy to help with set-up or tear down, depending when in the evening I am being booked. Any additional duties are to be discussed in advance.

DJ Equipment (Technical Rider):

I perform best on ‘Industry Standard’ club DJ equipment. At the minimum, I expect:

-A 3-band DJ Mixer with ‘gain’ control knobs (I.E.: Pioneer DJM600 or better)

-USB-compatible “CDJ’s” (I.E.: Pioneer CDJ-850’s or better)

-‘Monitor’ speakers near the DJ equipment for proper playback

If DJ Equipment is not provided:

I am to be notified *far* in advance. I am willing to provide my own laptop/controller set-up, but I will charge a premium on top of other fees.

If I am performing off of a laptop/controller set-up, I require 1-2 ‘North American standard‘ power outlets to plug the equipment in to.


Payment is to be negotiated at the time of the initial booking. I take many factors into consideration when negotiating this rate.

If the length of DJ set is not explicitly stated, my rate is assumed to be for an hour-long performance, or my fee on a per-hour basis.

I am to be compensated my agreed upon rate the day of (or night of) the event.

Musical Selection:

As a DJ, I try to strike a healthy balance between bringing out my ‘own sound’ to an event, and tailoring my musical choices to the individual event/audience.

In my own opinion, my best performances are when I am given minimal instruction on what to play. I’ll play towards what the audience will enjoy most.

That being said, you (the person booking me) may freely suggest that I play towards a specific style (I.E. Kawaii, Chill, Atmospheric, High-energy, etc…), and can outline genres you’d like played at the event. During the booking process, I will openly and candidly state what musical expectations I can & cannot fulfill, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use my services.

As I have a very wide ‘genre-coverage’, I’ll usually accept anything within the realm of ‘energetic, non-angry dance music’. For anything beyond that, be sure to inquire.

If, for whatever reason, the audience isn’t responding well to a music style, I will exercise discretion on what to play instead.

Whilst DJ’ing, I do not take requests on individual songs to play from members of the audience. In my experience, it detracts, rather than adds, to the overall musical atmosphere of the event.

If the event is local:

Within the boundaries of Toronto’s city limits, I do not charge travel fees to and from a gig. It’s assumed I have somewhere I can go to after the event, so I will not require lodging.

If the event is not local:

Travel costs and accommodations will be negotiated at the time of booking. I try to be as reasonable as possible about these, especially if I am already traveling to wherever I am being booked.


If the event I am performing at has an entrance fee/is a ticketed event, it is assumed that I am being given free entry & access to the stage. This is independent of any other costs associated with booking me, and will not be ‘deducted’ from any of my negotiated rates.

Scheduling & Exclusivity:

I prioritize bookings made further in advance to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Unless you explicitly request my exclusivity for the day/evening of your event, it is assumed that I am free to perform at other events the same day/evening as yours.

If I have several events I am being booked for on the same day/evening, I will disclose it to the organizers of both events, and ensure that I can comfortably attend both.

In general, if I am needed anywhere else (professionally or personally) on the day of a booking, I will make note of it when I am being scheduled to perform.

As a habit, I try to arrive at least an hour (usually earlier) before I’m scheduled to play. If my time of arrival will be any later than an hour before I am expected to perform, I will notify organizers to this.


In my (at the time of writing this, 8) years of DJ’ing, I have never had to cancel a booking that has done everything listed above. As a result, unless an urgent & serious emergency were to arise, I will not cancel a booking.  In the unlikely event that your event is the first, I will do my best to provide ample notice in advance and options for replacement DJ’s. It’s also assumed that my fees are waived.

If there is a significant chance of my booking being cancelled on your end, I need to be notified at the time of the booking. If you have to cancel my booking, I ask for at least 24 hours of advance notice. If my booking is cancelled (by you/your team) only hours before the event,  I will waive some of my cost, though I may (at my discretion) retain a fraction of my fees in exchange for making myself available for that evening.


It is assumed that you’ve read (or at least skimmed) this rider, and if you don’t agree to any of the above terms, that you will explicitly state this and negotiate them with me (or the booking agent) during the booking process. Otherwise, by booking me you agree to the above terms.

I strive to be courteous and respectful towards those who wish to book me. I ask the same in return.